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Has your residential or commercial tenant stopped paying rent or otherwise violated the terms of the lease?

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Evictions are referred to as unlawful detainer actions. It is the process through which a tenant can be removed from either residential or commercial property for non-payment of rent or other specific reasons defined under California’s landlord/tenant laws.

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    What Is The California Eviction Process?
    Here is the road map of the California Eviction process and how to respond at the critical crossroads if tenants chose to contest the eviction

    The Eviction Process

    Before filing an actual eviction, the property owner or manager needs to serve a notice to the tenant. This notice can be served on the basis of unpaid rent, property damage, illegal activities, or breach of rental agreement. If the tenant fails to respond to the specified notice time period, then the property owner or manager can file the eviction with the Superior Court, called an Unlawful Detainer.

    Contested Eviction

    After filing the unlawful detainer with the court, the tenant then has a period of 10-15 days to respond. If the tenant responds and decides to fight the case, this becomes a contested eviction. A trial date is set, and the property manager needs to go to court and present their case. We can represent you in court when your trial date arrives.

    Uncontested Eviction

    If the tenant fails to respond after the 10-15 day period from the Unlawful Detainer filing date with the court, then the case becomes an uncontested eviction. There is no need for a trial date to be set, shortening the eviction process in most cases. The costs associated with an uncontested eviction are usually lower, but other circumstances can appear in both, contested and uncontested evictions.

    Other Considerations

    There is a waiting period in between each step of the eviction process, all depending on the court in which the unlawful detainer was filed. Other circumstances can present themselves that can delay the eviction, such as tenants filing for bankruptcy.

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    This is general information on the law, which may change.  For specific legal problems, you should consult with a lawyer.

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